Luther – the Play

“Be greeted noble guests!“ Is the way you will be welcomed by maid Carola, farmhand Stefanus and the remaining riffraff of the Eisenacher Hof ´s “Luther – play”. Mouth cook Kunibert provides for your personal well-being.

“LUTHER” “Why has thee not passed wind and burped has it thee not pleased?”
Martin Luther will personally recite some of his famous table readings for you. Hallodrie, the Minstrel will provide for music and jest during while one of our maidens invites you to a dance on the table.
Experience the time of the reformation and let us kidnap you into the middle Ages.
The “Lutherstuben” – admits from the German television channel pool of broadcasting corporations “Bilderbuch Deutschland” and „Familie Dr. Kleist“.

Experience a free conception of the Hollywood Movies on large picture canvas or monitor with actors from our “Lutherstuben”.


The foundation of a successful conference

For conferences, seminars and workshops are four generous and completely equipped conference rooms arranged, responding to your professional needs. Upon request we will gladly organize your company celebrations, catering and theme evenings, as well as execution in each kind and size.


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