Regional theatre –Landestheater Eisenach

Do you like soul-touching classical dramas, the most beautiful symphonies and concerts or rather cheerful entertainment and political wit? An evening at the Landestheater Eisenach – always an experience!

The inhabitants of Eisenach are proud of their theatre! The local factory owner Julius von Eichel-Streiber gave it to the town in 1879. It was declared as Landestheater with its own three-division-ensemble in 1952 and transferred to the cultural foundation Meiningen-Eisenach some years ago. One of the largest ballet ensembles in Germany, the ”Junge Schauspiel Eisenach“ and the Landeskapelle are at home here. The tradition-steeped Südthüringische Staatstheater Meiningen performs plays and music theatre.

Old Malthouse – Alte Mälzerei

Amid jazz sounds you may still think you can almost smell fresh coffee in the air in the culture factory Alte Mälzerei: Where nowadays the oldest jazz club in East Germany and the jazz archives of the Lippmann + Rau-foundation are located, coffee was roasted from 1873 on.

The culture factory “Alte Mälzerei“ is the former home of the oldest jazz club in East Germany. The first records, already acquired in 1925, established the unique stock of the jazz archives. Until today it has been vastly expanded and has been administered by the Lippmann + Rau-foundation since 1996. However, not only canned jazz music can be heard in the Old Malthouse: From the venue of the Thuringian Jazz Mile and beyond you can always apprehend sounds of well-known jazz formations, and those that are still to be discovered, from the architecturally appealing jazz club that has evolved into an appreciated meeting point for jazz and swing enthusiasts from all over Germany.



Theater am Markt

An innovative wide range of professional and amateur theater awaits the visitor in the heart of Eisenach. The TAM will move or even change you? What is it – the TAM?

TAM – is

…surprising – a place of production and play in a former restaurant
…moving – high political standard, combative and dramatic texts
…eye-opening – a look behind the scenes of the urban politics
…phenomenal – room installations and city performances
…activating – think and design with us
…entertaining – whodunits and fun for young and old
…laughter, tears, contemplation, applause or catcalls – give it to us!


Concerts at the Wartburg Castle

The Wartburg Castle is well known not only for its breath-taking architecture, but also for its concerts in the “Palas” its concert hall.

Cinema Eisenach

In the largest film centre of west Thuringia you can see all current movies in five different screens. The two biggest ones have 235 seats.


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