Werratal bike trail

The Werratal bike trail, one of the most beautiful bike trails in Germany, invites you to experience and discover it throughout the year. It connects Thuringia, Hesse and Lower Saxony at a length of 290 km.

The Werra valley is hard to beat for variety of landscapes: It is full of nature romance, healthy forests, proud castles, towns full of beautiful half-timbered houses and friendly people, plenty of culture.
Starting at the sources of the Werra in the Thuringian Forest – from where, off the roads, you can see the river – the route leads from Eisfeld and Themar, directly through the theatre city Meiningen, past the Rhön, abundant with hilltops, and charming Hessian half-timbered towns, up to the confluence of Werra and Fulda to the Weser.


Head of the Werra (Siegmundsburg or Neuhaus) – Eisfeld – Hildburghausen – Meiningen – Bad Salzungen – Merkers – Hörschel – Creuzburg – Treffurt – Eschwege – Bad Soden-Allendorf – Witzenhausen – Hann. Münden

Route information

Total distance: 300 km
Distance within Thuringia: 200 km
Start: Neuhaus (Thuringia)
Destination: Lindewerra (Thuringia)
Altitude difference: 150 to 830 m above MSL
Level of difficulty: medium to difficult
Nature of path: 170 km tarmac, 30 km waterbound cover



Herkules-Wartburg-Bike trail

The bike trail connects Kassel’s landmark, Herkules, with the probably most important German castle, the Wartburg. Thus, the track passes Hesse and Thuringia as well as the former inner German border.

The 130 km Herkules-Wartburg-bike trail leads from Kassel along the river Losse via Kaufungen and Helsa to Hessisch-Lichtenau. Via Waldkappel you reach the Ringgau and finally Creuzburg on the Werra, and via Hörschel you get to Eisenach, town of the Wartburg. Impressive parks like Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, castles, steeped in history, like the Creuzburg and the Wartburg, entice you into cultural excursions, like the Stiftskirche in Kaufungen and the museums in Eisenach and Kassel.


Eisenach – Hörschel – Creuzburg – Ifta

Route information

Start in Thuringia: Ifta
Destination in Thuringia: Wartburg near Eisenach
Total distance: 130 km
Distance within Thuringia:: 61 km
Altitude difference: 150 m above MSL
Level of difficulty: easy to medium
Nature of path: tarmac 68.1 %, concrete slabs 0.3 %,
even paving 4.2 % , rough paving 0.2 %, waterbound cover 11.5 %, unknown 15.7 %


For the sporty cyclist and mountain biker this is an experience in a charming cultural landscape with many a worthwhile side trip: The 201 km Rennsteig-cycle path from Hörschel to Blankenstein.

German’s oldest and most popular high altitude trail has been made available for cyclists – not always immediately on the Rennsteig. Great parts parallel for unimpeded riding pleasure. Side trips to the famous Wartburg and to the Ruhlaer Modellpark ”mini-a-thür“ with detailed Thuringian sights are advisable right at the 1st stage. The big Inselsberg, Oberhof with sports facilities and the Rennsteiggarten, the glassblowing towns Neuhaus and Lauscha are further highlights of the tour.

Route information

Total distance: 201 km
Distance within Thuringia: 186 km
Start: Hörschel
Destination: Blankenstein
Altitude difference: 196 to 942 m above MSL
Level of difficulty: medium to difficult
Nature of path: 81 km tarmac, 120 km forest road


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